Frequently asked questions

Shipping and delivery
How long does it take for delivery?

For all the furniture products we deliver the same within 70 days from the Order Confirmation Date (Order Payment Date).

I have a large order; will it take the same amount of time?

The volume of your order will not affect the timelines. It shall remain the same.

I have ordered products with different shipping times together, when will I receive the products?

All products may have different delivery time. For all of these products the delivery shall be staggered according to the schedule of the delivery partner.

How much do I have to pay for delivery?

Delivery Charges are reflected at checkout. You can enter the pin code of the area where you want the product to be delivered to see if the locality is covered under our delivery area.

How can I track my order?

You can track your order by using the tracking code shared with you at the time of dispatch @

How will I know that you've received my order?

You shall receive an email confirming your order at the time of checkout and final payment.

Will I have to sign for my delivery?

Yes, you will be asked to sign a delivery form as Proof of Delivery (POD), in which you confirm that the products ordered by you were delivered in the correct condition and without any defects and damage. Depending upon Covid conditions the rules for contactless delivery may vary. Please check with your courier at the time of delivery.

Do I need to submit any documents for receiving my delivery?

Yes, if required, you need to submit the ID proof of the concerned person.

What if I am not home when my package arrives?

You may also get a call from the Courier Company/Logistics partner confirming the tentative date and the time of delivery. However, as we do not have any direct control over the courier partners/ logistics partner, we cannot guarantee that they will act only in certain manner or will necessarily call before getting your order for delivery. The delivery team shall make two attempts if the first attempt to deliver is not successful. If you request a delayed delivery, or the delivery is delayed due to your unavailability at the delivery location, a grace period of 7 days shall be provided, beyond which a ‘Holding Cost’ or a ‘Delayed Delivery Cost’ will be applicable to your total order value on a weekly basis.

My items haven't arrived yet. What can I do?

Your order status is updated to you via emails at every step. If you are having trouble reading the emails or if you haven't received any updates, please get in touch with our Customer Care immediately. Give us a call on , (Monday-Saturday?)

Where will the delivery personnel deliver the products? Will they be delivered to my floor?

The delivery person will deliver the goods to your building premises or wherever it is physically possible to deliver the goods. You may opt to have the products delivered at your location, however additional delivery charges will apply. In the event of unavailability of a service lift in the building, delivery will be available only up to the ground floor of the building. For higher floors, we are not equipped to deliver the goods to your doorstep. You are requested to arrange for your own laborers/ manpower in advance to get the larger products to the higher floors. The responsibility of our logistics partners to deliver the large products is restricted to the ground floor in the absence of a suitably sized service lift in the building.

How do I change my shipping address after my order has been placed?

We kindly ask you to call our Customer Service center on , (Monday-Saturday?)

How do you pack items/products?

Our skilled packaging and delivery team inspects and prepares each item as per the need of the customers. We use environment friendly packaging material to suit to the product category, location, and the venue. We take great care in assembling, installation and placing it in your home as per your requirements. Premier in-home deliveries are scheduled by appointments.

Do I discard or return the packaging material?

You may discard the packaging material in an environmentally sensitive manner. In case you foresee moving to another location, safely storing the packaging will help you repack your furniture.

Is my Installation free of cost?

With NCR region, installation is free of cost. For regions outside NCR, we provide detailed assembly instructions if any along with the package so that the goods can easily be assembled by you or with the help of a local carpenter.

I have bought a furniture product from KREA; can you help me assemble it?

Most of our furniture will not require any assembly or may require very minimal assembly like screwing the round legs to the base of the sofa. This can be done with the aid of tools and screws provided to you in the box. Detailed assembly instructions, if any, are inserted in the package and the goods can easily be assembled by yourself or with the help of a local carpenter.

I want to ship this product as a gift can you gift wrap it for me?

Currently we do not offer any gift wrapping services with our products.

Can you ship my order through a specific courier company?

The deliveries happen through our delivery partners. We have tie-ups with reputed shipping companies to ensure fast and safe delivery of products. Logistic partners are chosen depending on various factors like their service availability, prompt delivery, etc.

The large packages do not fit into the entry way or stairway

Measurement of furniture/ packages is customer's responsibility and we encourage studying the sizes mentioned on the product page carefully and see if the furniture you order fits into your entryway and rooms. We will not be responsible if the furniture does not fit/ pass through the entry way/ stairway etc. Please note that any failed delivery due to any such refusal or unavailability and any subsequent attempts to deliver the goods will be charged extra by KREA or the Logistics partner. We also request you to give correct address and contact details at the time of placing the order. If you are planning to travel and will be unavailable on the contact number, please inform us in advance so that we can plan the shipping and delivery as per your convenience. One important tip to make the furniture pass through the entry way or staircase is to open the products downstairs and then take the open products up in parts. You can remove the seats, cushions and detachable legs to make the product lighter. These can be easily assembled in your living room or the final room where the product will be placed.

Can you expedite my shipment?

No. We ship across the items as soon as they are ready for dispatch. Our shipping timelines are decided keeping in mind the time it might take to have the item made, checked, packed and dispatched. Therefore we do not have the ability to expedite your shipments.

The tracking number that I received is incorrect?

Usually courier companies take up to 48 hours to update their system with details of the AWB number. If your package was recently shipped, tracking might only become available after 24-48hrs. We request you to retry the AWB number after 24 hours. If it has been more than 48 hours since you received the AWB number, we request you to contact our Customer Service team immediately.

My order has been shipped; however I have not received my order?

It takes between 7-10 working days from the date of shipment for the order to be delivered at your doorstep. Usually packages arrive on or shortly after the estimated delivery timeline, please allow an additional day or two for the order to be delivered. Please feel free to contact our Customer Service team and we will ensure that your order reaches you.

Why does my shipment status shows as Return to Origin (RTO)?

Shipments are reflected as RTO (Returned to Origin) under the following circumstances: • You were not available when the courier person reached your address • The address provided was insufficient • You were not contactable on the number you provided • You refused to accept the delivery

Can I cancel an order?

If an order has been confirmed, the order cannot be cancelled unless the item is damaged or defective. We do not have a ‘Change of Heart’ Cancellation policy. For details refer to terms & conditions.

What is your Refund or Replacement Policy?

Currently we do not replace the items ordered. Only in the case of any damage or defect we may offer a replacement.

What if the packaging of the product is damaged upon delivery?

If upon delivery of the product, you discover that the product packaging has been opened or is damaged, please do not accept the package. You can open the package in front of the courier delivery person and mention the damage if any, and immediately notify our Customer Care team along with a photo of the damage. Please note that the Delivery Personnel are not obliged or authorized to open the furniture or packages. Please note that their duty is to deliver the goods to the customer and they are not directly employed with Kreaworld. You are requested to cooperate with them and not force them to open the crates, packages etc.

When can I expect new product(s) to be listed on your website?

We are continuously updating our collection and the product line. We request you to subscribe to our newsletter or sign up for the email notification for upcoming products, listings, and special offers on the website.