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Over 25 years, group Krea has a portfolio of turnkey projects involving custom-designed furniture, accessories and the fitout  for over 3 million square feet. These include luxury hotels, boutique resorts and signature homes all across India. You can benefit from the same trust that over 25 clients have reposed in us. A trust that comes from our meticulous processes, quality materials and  world-class manufacturing techniques.

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Shangri-La Bangalore

Our client on this project was one of the most renowned developers in the South of India, operating mainly out of Bengaluru. We were their preferred partners to build the entire F&B area on the 17th floor. The area was composed of Mediterranean, Japanese and Indian restaurants and needed a complementary visual flavour. We were responsible for all the fit-out work, and as it was a dining area, it included wetwork like stone, POP & specialized millwork as well. All this was made at our facility in IMT Manesar and installed in situ by our team of experts. Especially challenging were tasks like a Copper dome, a Truss styled wooden ceiling and a separate massive wooden ceiling. It remains one of our most memorable projects.

Project details
ClientAdarsh Developers, Bangalore
LocationPalace Road, Bangalore
Project TypeComplete fitout for 3 restaurants including mill work and stone work.
Area 22,000 sq. ft.
Duration 2014 – 2015
Architect Wilson Associates, Singapore

363 - Degree, The Oberoi, Kolkata

It is always a pleasure to work with a client like the Oberois, who has absolute clarity on what they want. It is a greater pleasure to work with a designer who knows how to manifest a vision into a physical space. We were fortunate to have the best of both on this project. We collaborated to create one of the most luxurious spaces replete with PVD coated polished Brass panels. They adorned the Bar as well as the walls of the famous 363-degree restaurant. The entire wooden flooring was developed in-house to render the intricate pattern envisioned by the designer while meeting the immaculate quality standards set by the client.

Project details
ClientEast India Hotels Limited
LocationNew Market Area, Kolkata
Project TypeComplete fitout, including millwork and loose furniture
Area 5,500 sq. ft
Duration 2016 – 2017
Architect Architecture Discipline, Delhi

The Crest Club, Gurgaon

After our performance in delivering the millwork at 'The Camellia', we were given a mandate to create the best finished club in the country, which would serve as a sample for the iconic - The Camellias. It is made in a mix of metal, stone, wood and finishes sourced from all over the world. A remarkable part of the project was to source a large, 40 feet metal screen from abroad and install it successfully on a special Onyx wall. All work done outside India had to be very precise as there weren't options of repairing SS doors coated with PVD in India. Similarly, a 50 feet stone crafted wall & metal sheet was created using the best craftsmanship and technology, to render the designer's vision perfectly. This project holds a special place for team Krea.

Project details
ClientDLF Limited
Project TypeComplete interior fitout including stone, POP and millwork
Area 18,000 sq. ft
Duration 2017 – 2018
Architect Richmond Design, London

House on Amrita Shergill Marg

This house, situated in Lutyen's Delhi & belonging to a prominent industrialist looked quite simple but posed many challenges. A prominent one among them was to find the right hardware for a sliding, 22-feet wide glass sheet encased in a wooden frame. Extra clear 10x22 feet glass was imported from Singapore and especially tempered in Bangalore, as Delhi didn't have a facility large enough to temper this size of glass. Special hardware was imported and developed, for the 40mm thick solid Burma teak wooden deck & 20 feet high wooden fins that cut the Western sun.

Project details
LocationLutyen's Zone, New Delhi
Project TypeMillwork and furniture
Area 15,000 sq. ft
Duration 2005 – 2006
Architect Bedmar & Shi, Singapore

Westin Hotel, Gurugram

We were ten years old and finding our feet when we were entrusted by our gracious clients, Vatika Limited, to build the entire hotel at the intersection of MG Road and the highway in Gurgaon, that too with a deadline - Commonwealth Games 2010. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us at the time. The scale of the project was not the real challenge. The real challenge was to stay true to the client's faith and trust in such a young company. We can now state with pride that we gave it our all to build up what was likely the only hotel open at the time. We explored virtually every material, technique, and detail to make it one of the best-executed projects in the industry within the deadlines

Project details
ClientVatika Limited
Project TypeInterior fitout including wet works and mill works and all loose furniture, indoor and outdoor.
Area 2,53,000 sq. ft.
Duration 2009 – 2011
Architect Chhadha Siembieda, Australia & Super Potato, Japan

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